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Located in beautiful Sonoma County, roughly 60 miles north of San Francisco, in the heart of the Wine Country. With the abundance of natural beauty around, my photography has been centered around landscape and nature. As my son and daughter were growing up, I also spent close to 10 years as their team photographer for both competitive and high school sports programs. Growing up collecting baseball and football trading cards, my main goal was to provide each athlete a photo worthy shot they would be proud of if they were to have their own trading card. Mission accomplished as many parents would print poster sized prints of my shots for their kids and my shots were used in local newspapers highlighting the teams and individual athletes. Due to my relationships with these kids, I began to shoot their senior picture portraits and offering my service for families that couldn’t afford rates other photographers were charging.

Besides photography, I spend free time cycling (road, mountain and spin) and traveling with beautiful wife. I have learned that life is too short spending time and energy on things that you do not love. Family and friends along with a BBQ and a good IPA is an ideal evening to embrace laughter and create memories.

As my children are now grown, I have more time to spend on the activities that I truly enjoy. With over 30 years in the software industry working at one of the most innovative companies, professionalism and easy to work with are traits you will experience from day one. Ensuring your project is a success is a value that we share together. Believing and living by honesty, integrity and hard work while having fun have served me well in life and I look forward to bringing these values to our business relationship. I offer reasonable rates and would be happy to discuss the particulars of your project.

Contact me and see if I can be of service to you. I greatly look forward to the opportunity!

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